My love for in interior design begin as a child wanting to revamp my parents home beginning with my bedroom. Changing the wall color, adding curtains, rugs and a beautiful statement piece gave new life to my sanctuary. I soon learned interior design was my Zen Place and Temple.ย 

Interior design is my way of expressing who I am through livable art pieces brought together making a house into a home.ย  Ultimately, being proud to share this space with my loved ones.ย ย 

When designing a home I am always in search for statement pieces that hold characteristic elements that are soft, dramatic, bold, bohemian, unique, elegant, and graceful. All of which, can be found in the PAMPAS GRASS.ย  ย ย 

Just like our unique fingerprint, no individual pampas stem is exactly the same. Each plume grows to the beat of its own drum. Making my passion of pampas grass exciting and new each day as there is so much variety.ย ย 

We take pride in carefully hand selecting every stem to ensure quality and beauty. Our passion is to inspire our valued supporters to express their own home, wedding, or special event dรฉcor.ย  Please continue to share your beautiful pictures. I love them all!!ย 

Incredibly thankful for all of you.ย 

Thank you for supporting a Momma owned business.

All my love,ย 

Marlene Macias ๐Ÿ’•