Tabletop Pampas Grass: A Perfect Addition To Your Centerpiece Collections

We've bet you already heard the big buzz surrounding the internet -- yes, it's all about the newest trend in home decor, the pampas grass! It wouldn't be surprising if pampas grass can be known to be one of the most popular home decors to date. 

Whether you are a fan of everything bohemian, rustic, or even contemporary style; nothing will beat pampas grass as a complimentary design in your home. 

Some designers use pampas grass as an all-time favorite table topper, there are different styles that you can use to make this a great addition to your centerpiece and tables. 

At - we pride ourselves on having a variety of hand-picked quality tabletop pampas grass. Here are some of the styles to choose from!

  1. Bleached White Pampas Grass: This is one of the crowd's favorites as it showcases class and aesthetic.
  2. Natural Brown Pampas Grass: People who love nature to embody their home will have an eye with this pampas grass style.
  3. Pink Pampas Grass: Our Pink pampas grass will give your home a feminine touch while sticking to classics.
  4. Black Pampas Grass: Black is the new pink! Our pampas grass in color black will have that elegant and classy effect in your home.

If you are curious about this super hot home decor trend as well, you can check us out at

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