Dried Pampas Grass | Pampas Grass Wedding Decorations


When the time comes to celebrate the special moments in life, the heart yearns for a little bit of color, a pinch of aesthetics, and a ton of flowers! 

Yes – flora can surely make an event glow. 

From weddings to birthday parties, flower décor is the new Pinterest-y way to breathe life into your events. 

But should you settle for the usual daisies and pansies? 

Pampas Grass Ornaments For The Win! 

Pampas grass is growing to be popular among many events. 

Dry, colorful, and long-lasting, it is the new way to up your décor. 

Check out these amazing ways to include pampas grass on your special day!

  • Make Tables Attractive with Pampas Centerpiece

Whether it's your engagement, wedding, or even a birthday/graduation party, you might want to set up some tables for your guests. 

To make these tables attractive, you can combine pampas grass with several other plants to create a beautiful centerpiece. 

Vases or even a simple glass bowl holding these elegant plants will surely make a difference in your event. 

  • Pampas Clouds and Lanterns 

Making big clouds with pampas grass and tying them with strings will give an aesthetic view. The guests will be in awe after witnessing the decoration.

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Clouds will be most suitable in the dining area, where your guests will feast on your treat. 

Moreover, you can even create hanging structures resembling lanterns using pampas grass to add a little oomph to the event.

  • Make Your Stage One of a Kind with Pampas Grass

In events like engagements, weddings, or even a bridal shower, a stage play a vital role in creating an overall lively ambiance. 

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Add a wireframe structure as the backdrop lined with colorful pampas grass, and geometrical rose ornaments in the center – and you will surely have made an impression. 


Pampas Grass is a great way to breathe life into celebratory events. 

If you’re looking for someone to take over the designing for you, let the experts at Pampas Design pave the way. 

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