Pampas Design | Where To Buy Dried Eucalyptus

Did you know that the scent of dried eucalyptus lasts for years? 

Yes, really, years! 

No wonder dried eucalyptus has grown in popularity as a great, minimalist décor idea.

Therefore, whether you want to give your home a fresh scent or use it to create distinct floral event arrangements, dried eucalyptus is an ideal option with long-lasting and cost-saving abilities.

Here is a guide to finding the best dried eucalyptus near you:

Keep An Eye Out For Fresh Bunches Of Dried Eucalyptus

Depending on the weather and the place you live in, eucalyptus can be bought easily from most flora stores. 

But there’s a proviso: it must be well-maintained by a specialist florist. 

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Cutting, watering, and drying eucalyptus adequately is what brings out the natural bloom and fresh scent, and therefore, you should choose nothing less than the best.  

Dry Your Own Eucalyptus

What if you don’t find dried eucalyptus nearby?

Just buy fresh eucalyptus and dry it on your own!

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The simplest way to do so is to air dry it.

  • Trim eucalyptus stems to a reasonable length and remove discolored leaves
  • Tie a string at the end around the leaves
  • Hang the whole bunch upside down in a cool, dark, and dry place

Leave it for a few weeks, and you have your dried eucalyptus.

Buy From The Best In Town!

Why go for trial and error when you have Pampas Designs to facilitate you? 

Buy the best dried eucalyptus or learn more DIY tips to uplift your interior décor!

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