Pampas Design | The Dried Pampas Grass Trend Is Alive

Have you noticed wheat-like grass making appearances in the homes of your favorite Instagrammers? 

That’s dried pampas grass that first rose to prominence in 2019 but is still very much in trend today!

Let’s find out why it’s so popular in 2021.

Countless Options

What keeps pampas grass so popular is the unique ways it decorates and uplifts any interior or exterior setting. Let us give you a few examples: 

  • Pampas In A Vase

We all have that one awkward corner where nothing fits. Neutral-toned pampas in a vase add cozy richness and texture to the room.

  • Pampas As Centerpiece

Dried pampas grass's best feature is that it goes well with almost anything. 

Whether you pair it with other plants or opt for a centerpiece with pampas only, it'll surely make your dining table arrangement pop.

  • Pampas As Wall Decor

If you are tired of blank walls and looking for something more textured than picture frames, then try going for pampas wreaths. 

A gorgeously crafted pampas wreath paired with other dried flowers will be a unique décor for walls or doors. 

Easy Maintenance

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to bring life to your home, dried pampas grass is the way to go. All its customizable décor choices are affordable, lasting, and hardly require any maintenance.

That’s why so many people are choosing dried pampas these days! 


With a little amount of money and some creativity, dried pampas grass gives your home a trendy outlook!

Want to discover more reasons why you should join the pampas trend? 

Head over to Pampas Design for some amazing choices.

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