Pampas Design | Pampas Grass Styling Ideas

Jump On The Pampas Bandwagon! 

Pampas grass has become the latest trend of the year. 

This fluffy and gorgeous grass is wheat-toned and attracts everyone’s attention. The reeds grow in various colors, from grey silver to beige and gold, adding a subtle feel to your place. 

With a single stalk being enough to uplift your entire interior décor, here are a few Pampas grass styling ideas to bring a modern spin to your abode:

  • Black Wall Glamour

Black never goes out of fashion. If you’ve got a black wall in your home, or are thinking of painting one, Pampas Grass will be the perfect addition to it.

Exhibiting a special contrast to give a mystic escape, Pampas Grass enhances the entire look and gives a royal feel. 

Pair it with a contrasting vase and antique painting to set the mood.

  • Millenial Pink Shine

Jumping on the current trend of pastels, blush pink and pampas are a match made in heaven. 

The neutral and gorgeous pampas look modern and give a sleek feel to an intimate place. 

You can make it cozier by placing camel-colored pillows on plush and fluffy mats.

  • Uplift Your Bedroom

A bedroom is a place that should depict comfort and peace. Fortunately, the addition of pampas grass to your bedroom is just what you need to create your own in-home Nirvana. 

Give your place a high-end look by setting gorgeous pampas grass in a long-standing vase, pairing it with a neutral or highly contrasted combination based on your choice. 

Let’s Get Styling 

Pampas grass is perfect for changing the ambiance and adding elegance around you.

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