Pampas Design | Our Favorite Ideas for Dried Pampas Grass Décor


When you are obsessed with floral decorations, you can't just stop experimenting with new designs. 

However, sometimes it happens that your creative juices are stuck, and you just can't come up with pretty ideas.

But don't you worry. Here we are, with three unique décor ideas with the natural fluffy pampas grass.

Wings-Like Hanging Art

Also known as angel wing art, this dazzling décor requires some effort and materials. 

You will need pampas grass, chicken and floral wires, dowels, wire cutters, hooks, and skewers. 

Here is how you can create one:

  1. Cut the chicken wires into long strips.
  2. Roll them into tubes and close them using floral wires.
  3. Prepare an outline of your wing on a big cardboard. Place a dowel to secure the wing sizes. 
  4. Cut and place chicken wire around the outline, securing with floral wires.
  5. Add bunches of pampas to the shape and secure it with chicken wires.
  6. Place them with hooks anywhere in your home.

Half Circle Art

Similar to how a wreath looks, albeit featuring a different process, half circle art is another popular choice for dried pampas grass decoration. 

This décor is ideal for placing on doors and even walls. 

For this, you'll require some cardboard, glue, and short pampas grass. 

Here's how you can make one:

  1. Create and cut an outline of the circle from the cardboard.
  2. Fold it into a semicircle, gluing on the middle.
  3. Now, apply glue on pampas grass's stems and fix them inside the semicircles.
  4. You can make several pieces and fasten them on your walls with hooks or glue.

DIY Colorful Pampas

This amazing décor is a must-try because no one can ignore its luminous effect. 

You will need a big clear vase, floss, pampas, and some other plants.

You just have to wrap colorful floss on your pampas grass stems and place them with other green plants in the jar. 

Once done, witness the spark and elegance the setup ignites.


It's always a fun idea to experiment with new designs. 

If you want to craft DIYs, get high-quality pampas grass from Pampas Design

Otherwise, you can even order ready-made decors from them.

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