Pampas Design: How To Fluff Pampas Grass

Have you just received your pampas grass? Did you know that there are few ways to make it fluffier before adding it to your home as classic home decor?

Even though pampas grass is dried, it sheds like crazy without conditioning it properly. One must remember that fluffing up your pampas grass after taking it out on the packaging is a very important process to achieve and see the real beauty of pampas grass.

Want to know some ‘not-so-secret’ ways on how to fluff up your pampas grass? Here are some of the helpful tips you must follow!

  1. Take each plume out of the packaging and shake it slowly to let it shed for a while it will also help the plumes open.
  2. Using your fingers, delicately open each plume separating the fur to make it fluffier.
  3. Normally, it will shed this is why we recommend doing these steps outside your home to save you from more clean up.
  4. Take your blow dryer and set it on low cool heat for a few minutes to have the stems fluff out after being packaged.

After doing all the steps above, it's time to set it up inside your home in a beautiful vase you hand picked. Place the stem one by one so the plumes will not be crowded inside the vase and you can arrange it properly based on your taste of style. 


  • Remember that this dried grass doesn’t need water, so just put it in a vase without water.
  • Keep away your pampas grass to direct sunlight and see it last as a lovely home decor for several years.

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