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Eucalyptus is a strongly scented plant that may be found in anything from vital oils to homemade cough medicine to creative decor.

You may have considered saving some eucalyptus branches to use in dried decorations if you live in an area where it can be grown.

When you dry eucalyptus, it lasts for ages and gives you the most bang for your buck!

Look at some easy steps to preserve Eucalyptus!

  • Cut Some Eucalyptus

Cut eucalyptus mid-growth when the respiratory system of the plant is most active.

Remove the leaves from the lowest 6 inches of the branch and cut branches at least 18 inches long. Remove any leaves that are damaged or withered.

  • Smash The Stem

Smash the lowest inch of your eucalyptus' stem with a hammer. This will enable the drying liquid to sink into the plant more thoroughly.

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  • Get A Vase

Choose a tall enough container or vase to keep your eucalyptus from tipping over. 

When you place the eucalyptus stem in the container, make sure the bottom of the stem reaches the base of the container.

  • Add Glycerin

In the vase or container you selected, boil some water and add it to the glycerin.

To make this solution, use two parts boiling water and one part glycerin.

  • Let It Rest

Allow two to six weeks for the branches to soak in the solution. 

From the top of the branch down, the leaves will darken somewhat and become smooth and tender. 

As the glycerin is absorbed by the branches, add more solution. 

Trim the bottom of the branch after they've been preserved down.

Get Yours!

There are many ways to utilize Eucalyptus as house décor since it complements a variety of styles. 

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