Pampas Design | How To Take Care Of Pampas Grass?


If you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram lately and your search queries include anything related to chic, bohemian vibes for your home, you must have come across dried pampas grass. 

Fluffy, colorful, and truly gorgeous, this grass looks like something out of a fairytale – no exaggeration. 

We know what you’re thinking. How difficult must it be to maintain something that appears this beautiful? 

Surprisingly, not a lot! 

Here are ways to care for your dried pampas grass:

  • Keep Away From Water 

As its name entails, “dried” pampas grass does not require any water. 

Once you've bought it, simply cut in the arrangement you desire and place it in your favorite vase to amp up your ambiance. 

  • Restrict Sunlight Exposure 

Humidity and sunlight are not good friends of your pampas grass. 

This is probably why we consider this specialty to be an addition to home interiors and not exterior.

Keep your dried pampas grass away from sunlight and moisture. 

But, if you do need to take your vase outside to set up an outdoor floral arrangement or simply take a daylight photograph (Insta-worthy!!) with your pampas grass, a little time in the sun does no excessive harm. 

  • Shake It Up 

Pampas grass begins to shed and lose its vibrancy if not cared for. Therefore, fluff up your grass every few months with a gentle shake, and you’re good to go!  

  • Spray It 

While dried pampas grass does not require water, bi-annual spraying with a floral protectant, or even hairspray, does the trick to keeping it fresh and glowing. 

All Good Things Require Care

Every good thing requires a little effort, and dried pampas grass is no different. 

Fortunately, now that you know how easy it is to care for it, the journey to accentuating your abode with chic pampas grass becomes easier. 

Head over to Pampas Design to choose your favorite arrangement to care for. 

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