Pampas Design: Dried Pampas Grass For Your Boho Wedding


When it comes to wedding décor trends, pampas grass is a top-notch classic to give a floral and elegant look to your big day. 

Cliffside Winery Wedding in Santorini with Romantic Pampas Grass Decor |  Green Wedding Shoes

This timeless classic has tall, brownish reeds which have been witnessed to be growing around delicate & water-soaked riverbank sides. 

Its soft, and wispy texture enhance everything from a bouquet to a wedding backdrop.

Here’s how you can plan your boho wedding with a few pampas grass ideas:

  • Spread Them Around 
  • Choose the pampas grass in your favorite hues, or in colors that complement your wedding décor. From purple to white-striped ones, there are plenty options to be chosen. 

    Next, add the pampas to your wedding décor. This can be as table centerpieces, a photobooth backdrop, or even entrance doorway panels covered in pampas. 

  • Statement Reception
  • Welcome your guests with a large grass décor stage, decorated heavily with pampas to infuse it’s comforting and cozy effect in your environment. 

    The neutral color of pampas grass gives a cohesive, tonal, & minimalistic look to reception décor. 

  • Glam Up Your Wedding Arches 
  • Combine pampas grass with different geometric frames to light up your wedding backdrop. Go for a decorative idea which suits best to your wedding style & theme. 

  • Wedding Chandelier 
  • Go light and bright by adding hanging pampas grass ornaments from the ceiling as chandeliers. These will give a floral, aesthetic vibe to your wedding arrangements.  


    A simple inclusion of pampas grass can turn your wedding into an insta-trendy event. 

    Head over to Pampas Design to glam up your wedding!

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