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If there's any single bunch of flowers every couple feels nostalgic about and reminisces every now and then, it's the wedding bouquet. 

The scented aroma of these florals together ignites the feelings of compassion, happiness, and satisfaction, paving the way to a life-long relationship. 

Well, we have an idea to make that wedding bouget even more special.

Pampas Grass and Eucalyptus Bouquet

Among many options, dried pampas grass and eucalyptus are two dried flowers that will look stellar in a bouquet setup. 

Their magnificent, fluffy, and lively appearance makes them an artwork to witness and marvel over. In fact, pampas and eucalyptus have several edges over fresh flowers. You might want to know, How long does pampas grass last?

  • They have a long life, unlike the fresh flowers that wear out in less than a week. Once dried, they can thrive for up to six plus years. Therefore, a couple can preserve it for plenty of time, keeping it as a memorial of their big day.

  • You can get bored doing mundane tasks of maintaining the plants. However, pampas grass and eucalyptus bouquets require minimal care. Just clearing dust or spraying once in a while will be enough. 
  • While some flowers are available at certain seasons, pampas grass and eucalyptus bouquet are available all year round. 

Final Verdict

Every couple wants to witness perfection on their big day. 

Eucalyptus, Pampas Grass & Dried flowers Bridal Bouquet, Bridemaids Bo –  Kanda and Co

So, why don't you go ahead and try dried pampas grass and eucalyptus bouquet to add even more grace to your wedding?

If you want to explore more unique dried pampas designs and get essential information about Pampas, hop on over to Pampas Design!

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