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If you're using social media, you must have come across beautiful backdrop arrangements in many events. 

Be it a bridal shower or a baby's birthday, there are so many options to decide arrangements from, and one of them is the famous Balloon Garland Arch with Pampas Grass.

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Let's see how you can create a garland arrangement with the king of elegance – pampas grass.

How Can You Create One?

While it appears difficult, creating a balloon garland just entails knowing the right steps, really. 

You'll need latex balloons, an inflator, a 2.4-meter arch reel, pampas grass, glue, and thread. 

Following are the steps to create this decent décor.

  1. Fill up your balloons using your inflator. In a short time, you can fill up many balloons.
  2. Using threads, create clusters of balloons tied together. 
  3. Set up your arch reel at an amiable place. 
  4. Using threads again, tie your balloons' clusters on the arch reel. 
  5. Up till now, you are done with creating a balloon garland arch. Now, you have to work on the pampas grass. 
  6. Using your glue, fix the stems of pampas grass over the balloons. You can even stuff them in between balloons. 

Here you have it – the perfect arrangement using pampas grass. 

Bonus tip: You can use decorating strips and commands to create your style in case you don't have an arch reel. 


Creating a garland arch with pampas grass can give a look of elegance to your event. 

If you wish for professionals to guide you with the décor, reach out to Pampas Design

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