Pampas Design | 3 Fabulous DIY Decor Ideas with Pampas Grass


If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’d know all about the aesthetic indoor plant trend going around. 

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, there is another way to go: Pampas Grass home décor!

Tall and adaptive, Pampas survives most weathers and is incredibly aesthetic, making for a lovely DIY home décor idea. 

Here are 3 creative ideas to get your innovative mind working:

  • Crafty Vases 

If you’ve got any creative vases at home, your DIY will become incredibly easy. 

Grab your favorite vase, insert some Pampas grass in it, and place the vase as a table centerpiece, a room corner plant, or even a washroom cabinet décor item.

In case you want to go matchy-matchy, choose the grass in hues similar to your furniture, but a contrasting vase.  

  • Flowery Chandeliers

As impossible as it sounds, you can create a DIY chandelier, and enhance its appearance with Pampas grass usage.

Roll chicken wires in a rough cylindrical shape. Insert Pampas grass stems into the frame, as densely or sporadically as you desire. Attach adhesive hooks to the ceiling, and hang the frame using clear string. 

Overlooking the roof like a royal cloud or nature-friendly chandelier, the texture will look magnificent and will have your guests watching in awe.

  • Pampas Wreath 

The best gesture to welcome someone is to decorate your home door. What’s the best way to welcome besides creating a wreath?

Pampas Grass Wreath - An Easy DIY for Fall · A Plentiful Life | Grass wreath,  Diy wreath, Door wreaths diy

Complement your door by creating a pampas wreath by using a glass frame and some pampas grass. Use a single-colored grass, or pair multiple hues together. A crafty wreath showcases your creativity while adding a welcoming gesture. 


If the idea of DIY Pampas grass home décor appeals to you, but you are confused in your search for such grass, visit Pampas Design to get the best variants. 

Conversely, if DIY doesn’t seem like your thing, Pampas Design also has ready-made decorations available for delivery. 

Let’s get decorating!

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