Make Your Special Event More Special With Pampas Grass

Are we hearing wedding bells?

When it comes to weddings there’s no other trending decor as pampas grass! As you may have heard, this fluffy soft and classic wedding decor is a natural dried quality grass that can be used in any part of your special events. 

The versatility of pampas grass makes it a good addition to your wedding decor, may it be for a classic, modern, boho and even for a romantic wedding - pampas grass will surely make your special events more special.

Are you ready to hop on the pampas grass train? Here are some of the stunning wedding styles that you can do with your pampas grass!

  1. Pampas Grass Wreath: A combination of wreath flower and dried pampas grass will surely add a glamorous touch to your wedding venue. 30 Dramatic Pampas Grass Wedding Ideas that are New and Unique - Blog
  2. Pampas Grass Wedding Arch: What’s lovelier than seeing the love of your life in a white dress walking down under a stunning wedding arch that is made with flowers and pampas grass?2020 Decor Trends | 25 Fantastic Wedding Arch Ideas For You Say “I do” - Blog
  3. Wedding Table Centerpiece: More than food, a good centerpiece will definitely complete your wedding. Stun your guest of honors with an amazing tabletop centerpiece that is a combination of pampas grass and some of your most favorite flowers.

Are you ready to walk down the aisle and say I do with your special someone? Make it special with our hand-pick quality selections of pampas grass. Visit us today at

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