How to Make Baby Breath’s Pressed Flower Framed Art


Surfing through social media and contemplating what these new mainstream flowers in weddings and bouquets are? 

It is Baby Breath Flower!

That's right! These small florals make a lucrative arrangement for any setting. You can make dozens of crafts with them, one of which includes framed art. 

Let's see how you can make one. 

Process of Making Baby Breath Framed Art

It takes some enthusiasm and works to make your frame art. 

This arrangement with fantastic carefully pressed babys breath flowers will  become a perfect decoration for you… | Pressed flowers, Pressed flower art,  Flower frame

Firstly, you have to press these flowers. Following are the two best ways to press them:

  • You can place these flowers between books or cardboards and leave for 3-4 weeks
  • For a quick result, microwave them for thirty seconds, placing them between a hard surface

Once you press them, it's time to create your frame art. You will need glue, a frame, cardboard, and a bottle lit for circumference. 

Follow the steps and make the frame:

  1. Cut a piece from cardboard relative to the frame's size. 
  2. Use the bottle lit to make a circle on the cardboard. 
  3. Use your pressed baby breath and place them on the circumference, applying glue. 
  4. Once done, cut out any irregular leaf.
  5. Place your cardboard into your frame. 

There you have it ready. 


Using plants and flowers as decoration will never go out of style. 

Frame arts are a great way to add décor to any place in a home.

We can even place them on our doors. 

If you want to create a DIY frame, find multiple layouts at Pampas Design and have your pick! 

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