How to Make a Gorgeous Baby’s Breath Flower Bouquet

Picking the right flowers for a bouquet can be quite a daunting task. 

From the right color theme to a symmetrical arrangement, there are intricate aspects that require attention. 

However, we have a solution you can never go wrong with:

Pairing about six bunches of baby’s breath is the easiest way to get you a pocket-friendly and beautiful bouquet!

Picking the Right Flowers

Not every flower looks beautiful when dried, which is why picking dried Baby's Breath is perhaps the most hassle-free way to make your bouquet fancy!

DIY Colorful Baby's Breath Wreath - The House That Lars Built

With its little stems and cute flowers, baby’s breath elevates your bouquet while keeping it simple. 

Arrange by Size

The rule of thumb for any flower bouquet is that the biggest flower comes first and is followed by the rest until the smallest. 

However, since the baby’s breath is already so nimble, it can be a bit challenging to pick which stem is placed where. 

To identify this, the simple thing to do is placing the fullest stem first, and following it up with a smaller one, and continuing to do so until you place the smallest branch. 

Not only is your bouquet ready, but also it doesn't look like a jungle gym!

Pick Your Bouquet

Curating a dried flower bouquet isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and requires finesse, but Pampas Design has got your back. 

With excellent and unique styles, our dried flower bouquets are bound to make your event memorable!

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