How To Make A DIY Dried Flower Bouquet With Pampas Grass

Dried floral arrangements with pampas grass add to the subtle look and enhance the visual appeal of your place.

We'll tell you how you can make one such DIY arrangement with pampas grass: a flower bouquet. 

When tied in a bouquet, dried pampas grass with different leaves and preserved eucalyptus give a coastal style, earthy tone, and textured arrangement. 

How to Create Your Bouquet?

Every pampas stem grows differently, dancing in exotic patterns. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to create an everlasting and captivating bouquet with them:

  • Place these flowers and pampas stems in a dark and dry place and let them dry naturally
  • Take the wrapping sheet and adjust floral foam at the base (if needed)
  • Place the tallest foliage first
  • Arrange the dried leaves and flowers in an evenly distributed pattern
  • Cut/trim the pampas to give them the required shape
  • Wrap the sheet properly and tie a ribbon to enhance the overall look of the bouquet 

Floral and Fluffy Pampas Grass Arrangement 

Naturally, pampas grass has a compact look, but you can make them fluffier and more beautiful by shaking it up. 

Or you can gently blow dry pampas sticks on low heat for 5 to 6 minutes. 

Add the dried flowers, and you will create the most elegant and soft arrangement.  


Entice your visitors or gift the dried flowers bouquet to a friend. 

With Pampas Design on your side, now create more DIY pampas arrangements, ideal for home décor or outdoor events. 

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