Dried Pampas Grass | How To Keep Pampas Grass From Shedding

Pampas Grass is one of the most long-lasting dried plants that can last up to 3 years under proper care.

Although pampas grass requires minimum effort for maintenance, you might have to put in some extra work to keep your pampas grass from shedding.

Here are some tips to help you with shedding:

The First Time You Get Your Pampas Grass…

The very first time you bring your pampas grass home, give it a little shake.

This will help you get rid of the extra fur. 

If you brought your pampas grass home in a box, remember to open the box outwards to avoid any damage and shedding. 

After opening, proceed with the gentle shakes.

Spray High-Hold Spray

Though Pampas Grass is dry and low-maintenance, if not properly conditioned, it sheds excessively. 

Spray the puffs lightly using high-hold spray to keep them in place. 

This will keep the excessive shedding away. 

During the life of your pampas grass, a moderate quantity of the grass will shed nonetheless, so do not freak out if that happens. 

If the shedding seems to get out of hand, you can re-spray every 6 months.

Place Them In A Vase

When you find the best-fit vase for your pampas, remember to not place your pampas grass in water. 

Alas, it is called “dried” pampas grass for a reason.

Once you have placed your pampas grass perfectly, don’t move it! The more you move it, the greater the chances that your pampas grass is going to shed. 


Pampas grass is an excellent décor for your house because of its ability to flourish longer with little maintenance.

If you’re looking to style your home with pampas grass, head over to Pampas Design for some luxurious and premium options.

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