How Long Does Pampas Grass Last?


What's the one aspect that many people look at before buying any décor piece? 

Unsurprisingly, people consider the amount of time it will last. 

That’s one of the reasons why pampas grass is now becoming the go-to décor idea for many household owners.

These tall reed-like structures have a significant lasting period once they dry up.

Let's specifically check how long these plants can last. 

Pampas Grass Lifetime

So, you have some stems from your garden. 

Before placing them as décor pieces, dry them up by hanging them in a cool, dry place for about two weeks. 

Once the drying process is complete, shake these tall structures to fluff them up. 

Now, the entire lasting period of these plants depends upon their maintenance. 

You might be unaware, but they can last for a good time with minimal care. 

On average, they'll serve as your decoration piece for three years. 

It sounds amazing, right? You can keep these plants for a long time, even without caring for them. 

If you are a natural caretaker, pampas grass will last quite longer than you expect. 

Hair-spraying and fluffing them up frequently will even keep them in place for many years. 

However, once they start to shed and drop, they are no longer alive. 


Known for their ability to thrive longer with minimal care, pampas grass is an ideal décor for your home. 

Now, what are you waiting for?

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