Four Simple Yet Elegant Ways to Design Your Home with Pampas Grass

It’s not a secret how pampas grass made a name and a mark in the interior design industry these past years. It was also given a huge attention as a great addition in styling different special events. Another achievement of pampas grass is that it became a widely used gift last mother’s day.    

This feathery and flowy dried grass that has a unique look and texture is really a versatile plant that can be used in any occasion and as special event decoration. But what made this standout is that its classic touch makes your home a stunning place to live in - thus making this a really great home decor.

Here are some ways to use pampas grass as home decor!

  1. DIY Door or Wall Wreath: Pampas Grass is a very flexible yet sturdy plant, this is why bending it will not make the stem break. Create your own wall or door wreath, add some dried flowers and you have a pretty wreath.     Pampas Grass: How To Decorate With The Interior Design Trend That's  Everywhere Right Now - Fashion To Follo… | Grass wreath, Dried flower  wreaths, Christmas wreaths
  2. Use a Large Vase: Yes, as much as your pampas grass will fit great with a small vase, there are large pampas grass that will definitely go well with large vases. You can put it as a decor in your living room beside your sofa sets.     
  3. Tabletop Centerpiece: Aside from large vases, there are lots of selection for tabletop pampas grass to choose from that will go great with small vases that can be added as a tabletop centerpiece.    
  4. Pampas Grass Cloud Display: This is one of the glamorous ways to design your pampas grass. It will be best to display above your fireplace mantels, you just need to choose the fluffy and large pampas grass so you can achieve the best cloudy look.        18 Creative Ways to Use Pampas Grass in Your Wedding Décor

There are really a lot of ways to use your pampas grass as home decor as it can accentuate any styles. But choosing the best place to get pampas grass is one tough decision -- Pampas Design is your go to place to pick some hand-picked quality and premium pampas grass. Visit us today at!

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