Dried Pampas Grass: Where To Buy, Best Varieties And Arrangement Tips

Pampas Grass is surely one of the most popular décor trends of the year.

If you're looking to jump on the bandwagon too, we'll help you find out where to buy pampas grass's countless varieties and how to arrange them in the best way.

Come, let’s find out!

Different Varieties And How You Can Arrange Them

Pampas grass has a wide variety ranging from colorful to fluffy textures.

Let’s introduce you to some popular ones:

  • Original Pampas Grass

This gold to white-colored variety of Pampas Grass is the most common one you'll find. It grows slowly and has a good chance of survival in both hot and cold temperatures.

For decorations, it's ideal to place them in containers.

  • Silver Stripe

Silver stripe is similar to original grass except with the difference of blooming white flowers. This makes it even more enticing as a vase decoration.

  •  Sun Stripe

Growing up to 7 feet tall, the sun stripe variety with flowers serves as an excellent border plant – often used as a windbreak in many homes.

  •  Rosea

The pink-colored variety of pampas grass, roasea’s tightly clumped foliage makes for a pleasing display in showpieces around the home and in your garden.

These are only some of the countless types of pampas. You’ll find many that suit your décor needs.

Where To Get Your Pampas Grass?

Any local flower shop will have several varieties of dried pampas grass.

But if you're looking for a specific one, with its growing trend, you can always order online. 

You’ll get to explore many more varieties and arrangement options.

Start Exploring

Now, you're a bit more familiar with a few types of pampas grass and how you can buy and arrange them.

If you need more tips and advice, head over to  Pampas Designs and we’ll help you out!

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