DIY Décor Ideas: Preserving And Utilizing Pampas Grass

Aesthetics Matter! 

Do you often spend time navigating through interior designs on Pinterest to find the perfect look for your home? 

Have you settled on an aesthetic theme yet?

What if we told you there is a way to breathe new life into your home’s interiors without handing away all the bucks in furniture purchases? 

Here’s the secret: Pampas Grass. 

Get The Plumes Ready

Also known as dry grass, Pampas Grass are perennials up to 10 feet in height and feature a myriad of colorful, feathery plumes in light hues, including Pink, Beige, and Yellow. 

To begin decorating your home with Pampas Grass, know the preservation process:

  1. Cut the stems in a length of your choice
  2. Separate the stalk
  3. Apply hairspray on each stalk while shaking them to fluff up the plumes
  4. Leave the stalks to dry
  5. Repeat the process from Step 2 once more, and style in the way of your choice

Get, Set, Décor

Now that you have the grass ready, it is time to style it. 

  • Oversized Vases 

Everybody has an oversized vase in their home. 

But, instead of leaving them stranded on a remote corner of the home, add a few stalks of Pampas Grass to it. 

Place on your bedside table, above the mantle, or in the most visible corner of your home.

  • Create Insta-Worthy Rooms

Today, minimalistic yet edgy home aesthetics have become the talk of the town, courtesy of the numerous Instagram bloggers. 

Make your bedroom photogenic and Insta-worthy by placing dried beige Pampas Grass on your dresser in front of the mirror.  

  • Black Backdrops 

Nothing works better in livening up a room than an accent wall. 

Paint a wall black (or any other dark color) and decorate it with equally spaced stalks of Pampas Grass

Or hang a single baby pink Pampas Grass wreath in the middle. 

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Your room will certainly become the newest favorite home spot. 

Begin With The DIY

If these ideas of home décor appeal to you, and you are ready to adorn your home with Pampas Grass, make your way to Pampas Design.

Find the grass that matches with your interior tones and get decorating! 

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