Create a Fluffy Arrangement with Pampas Grass


Pampas grass is one of the most attractive plants to keep in our homes. Their remarkable shape and features make them an attractive showpiece. 

However, you can only attain their true beauty by fluffing them. 

Follow these easy steps and decorate your home like never before. 

Step 1: Cut Your Pampas Grass

You can get these exclusive, intricately-cut plants from stores as well, but since they might cost you, it's always an excellent option to cut them. 

Take a knife or saw to cut them in the design of your choice. 

Step 2: Let It Dry

Once done with cutting, hang them somewhere with wires or strings in a cool place. Let them dry for a week or so. 

Besides, it's always a great idea to cut off the unwanted roots and tingles from the stems. It'll show the real beauty of your pampas grass. 

Step 3: Fluff It Up

For fluffing them, follow the following steps:

  • Take out each stem and shake each of them to remove excess fur somewhere in your backyard
  • Shaking them would remove fur and even reduce any insects in these plants
  • You might even witness a little shedding while you shake them pampas grass, but it won't last long
  • Once they settle in vases, they will reach their natural blooming potential


Till now, your pampas grass would be fluffy and blooming in your home. 

Spray it often to maintain them, and you can ever blow-dry to make them fluffier. 

If doing a DIY to create your Pampas grass arrangement seems like a difficult task, visit Pampas Design for ready-made fluff pampas grass arrangements. 

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