Achieve a Minimalistic Style in your Home with a Touch of Dried Eucalyptus

Are you on the verge of decluttering your home to move into a simpler yet sophisticated home style - the trending minimalistic design just made a big name in the interior design industry. “Less is more” - with your home designed with clean lines, reductive, uncluttered, monochromatic, simplicity you are definitely fulfilling the minimalistic approach in your abode. 

And what’s another way of making this possible is having your home designed with dried floral arrangements, they add a personal touch yet simplicity in some side of your rooms. One of the mostly used dried leaves as a decoration is the eucalyptus leaves.

Yes, you heard it right! These leaves that give a fresh minty aroma in your home, especially your bathroom, are also a wonderful decoration when they are dried and preserved. 


  1. Hallway: What’s better than a home decor that will definitely welcome your guest big time. You can place this dried eucalyptus in a showstopping jar or medium vases.
  2. Bedroom: Your bedroom is your sanctuary of peace and privacy, this is why it is also the perfect place to put your bunch of preserved eucalyptus, it will definitely go well in your bedside table.
  3. Bathroom: Enjoy a view while you are showering, a jar of eucalyptus leaves can add to a fresh ambiance of your bathroom.
  4. Kitchen: Add some love in your kitchen with a bunch of premium preserved eucalyptus, just find a rustic or clear vase, arrange it stem by stem and viola, your kitchen is in for a glamorous treat!

Aside from drying or preserving your own eucalyptus leaves, did you know that there are many places where you can get them preserved and dried? Save some of your precious time, get our deep blue green preserved eucalyptus here at

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