4 Breathtaking Ways To Decorate Your Home With Baby Breath Flowers

Floral decorations are flourishing with new ideas from designers and creative experts alike. 

From making flower garlands to vases to wreaths, there are innumerable options, making decoration challenging to decide. 

Among many florals, baby breath décor is taking the internet by storm. 

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Here we have four unique ways to decorate with these tiny attractive structures. 

  • Baby Breath's Garland

Do you have wall frames in your home?

Did you know, if you add baby breath flower garlands on the wall art, it will look mesmerizing! 

The process is quite simple. 

Baby's Breath Garland – FIELDWORK

Trim your baby breath's stem short to 3-4 inches and twist them around with wires. 

Now, all you have to do is hang the garland and place it upon your wall art. 

  • Glass Vase That Outlines Details

The most straightforward arrangement is using a glass vase. 

Get a glass vase and arrange your baby breaths securely in the clear vase.

A glass vase is a versatile decoration piece that you can use anywhere in your home.

  • Make Your Doors Unique with Wreaths 

One of the most captivating decorations is to create wreaths. 

With some effort, you can create it using cardboard or just twist all the baby breaths around a wire.

Spring Wreath-Wedding Wreath-White Wreath-Baby's Breath | Etsy

To create using cardboard, you'll have to use glue and stick these flowers around the board. 

The wreaths are a perfect décor piece for your doors.

  • Terrarium – Unique Way of Showcasing Baby Breath

Terrarium is much like the typical vase décor, but with more intricate details. 

Using a bell-shaped cover, you can place your baby breaths under it. 

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The cover would be upside-down with these baby breaths up to the size of it. 

Simple yet elegant, it's an eye-catching décor.


Do you also want to revamp your home's decoration and pull out a new look? 

So, what are you waiting for?

Get complete pieces or individual baby breaths from Pampas Design, and breathe new life into your home.

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