Mini Bouquet - Style E

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Naturally dried flower bouquets that can be purchased with mini vases. They add an elegant touch to bridesmaid proposal boxes, napkin and table setting decor.

Ships from Los Angeles, CA. Standard delivery is typically 2 - 4 days. Express shipping is available.

If your event is in a couple of months or next year, these flower bouquets can be safely kept in their shipping box until the event. Take advantage of our Sale Today 😍

1. Each mini bouquet measures approx. 8" to 9" tall

2. Flower Bouquets with Glass Bottle Vase measures 8" to 10" tall

3. Flower Bouquets with White Oval Porcelain Vase measures 8" to 9" tall.

4. Measurements for White Oval Porcelain Vase are 3.3/4" Inches tall and 2" Inches Wide

5. Measurements for Glass Bottle Vase are approximately 4.5" tall and 2.75" Wide

We pride in providing Premium Dry flower bouquets, which are all naturally sundried handpicked being safe and non-toxic. Should you not be pleased with your purchase, we are at your disposal so you can shop with confidence. Thank you for supporting a Momma owned small business 😍

We ship from Los Angeles, CA. Orders processed within 1 - 3 business days. Standard delivery is typically 2 - 4 days. Express shipping is available.

To re-fluff the bouquets from shipping, gently expand each flower apart. Enjoy 😍

As the bouquets have been dried, they require no maintenance or watering, saving you money, time and energy. It's minimalistic decor making it a great housewarming, wedding, bridesmaid, birthday, or graduation gift.